Finding Your Why

Sometimes, it’s too easy to get caught up in life. Running from one thing to the next and to the next…

As a Society, we get rewarded more for the things that we do, rather than the things that we don’t.
Living in Vancouver, there’s an endless supply of things to do. Just take a few glances in the Georgia Straight and you’ll know that you can easily be triple booked for one night.

I sometimes look at all the wonderful events that my friends tell me about or invite me to, and even though I try to make it to at least two events a week – time and energy isn’t always willing.
So it’s time to recharge, get a bit of perspective and batten down the hatches!

Recently, I’ve decided to make peace with time. Stop running myself to the ground, trying to either play at another gig, make another friend’s musical debut, go dancing, catch up with friends, celebrate a birthday, etc. I absolutely adore my life and loves. And yet…I find the most profound moments are spent alone, in silence.

The other day I attended a women’s workshop called, “Love & Fear in Business”. Now as a self-confessed Bohemian – business often goes against my philosophy of living. And yet, who am I kidding? This is a Capitalist world and money exchange isn’t necessarily an evil thing. It’s just an instrument that allows us to trade our services more efficiently. Can you imagine our transit system filled with goats, pigs, furniture and gold on a regular basis?

Anyways, one of the key things I learned at this workshop was discovering your “Why”. What I enjoyed about the women’s perspective in business, is it questioned not only the regular things – like paying attention to what the numbers are telling you, but making sure that you’re coming from a place of love.

One of the keys is discovering what you love doing and are so passionate about it that you can’t not do it.

Something that drives you. It can be something that drives you crazy that you want to fix as well, so consider that too. What matters here is passion!

From here, turn your passion into a Vision. What you want to bring to the world - what is it that makes it unique? If you’re an artist or musician, what is it about You that is unique?

Your Vision becomes your Pivot Point in making decisions. If someone suggests you change something, can you remain flexible enough to incorporate the change? If it takes you away from your Pivot Point then don’t change it, but if it does, then try it.

And, if there’s a giving component to it, all the better. Because it can fuel another one of your passions – to help others at the same time. Does homelessness bother you? The way mental illness is hidden in society? What’s yours?

So spend some time on this. Some quiet time. Away from the noise and the Doing. Figure out what truly drives you and how to combine your different passions.

In my next entry, I’ll share with you my passions and how I manifest them.

Time to allow for some Contemplation and get down to business…