Time to Listen? 

Here are some samples of Elaine's piano playing, including her original composition, "The Journey Home".


Time 2 Shine

The album, "Time 2 Shine" was inspired by Elaine Joe's first solo piano performance.  Having waited 30 years to do this, it seemed only right to celebrate it with the release of her second CD.   Time 2 Shine celebrates all those brave souls who take that first step out towards courage, away from fear.  And as a result, inspire the rest of us to Shine!

Relax With Franck & Elaine

Inspired by a crazy romance that began in Oz, on a stopover to Vancouver, two musicians fall in love in the space of an evening.  Three weeks later they have their first date in Venice.  Together, they travel through Verona, Lake Como, Paris, and the Loire Valley.  In a music shop in Paris, Franck discovers that Elaine plays piano.  By the time they part in Avignon, they've written and notated a song in the tiny town of Breve. 

Eight months later they reconnect and sparks fly.  Their first album was recorded in Kiama, Australia, then finished in Vancouver, Canada.  The first 11 tracks feature piano music by Elaine.  The next 11 tracks feature classical guitar music by Franck Sala. 

How can you resist?


Time2Shine - First Solo Performance

Playing "Bumble Bee Boogie" by Jack Fina